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Kokedama - Made to Order

  • Add some romance to any of your living spaces. These work great in a bathroom or kitchen where humidity is high, but you can also enjoy them inside a terrarium or shallow vase - cover the bottom with pebbles and fill with water. The moss balls will need to be soaked in water every couple of days.


  • If you'd like a bag of pebbles (we have white perlite and beautiful clay pebbles so you can choose between them) just let us know and we can add it to your order.


  • This kokedama is made to order so it might take a few days for it to be ready after you've placed an order.


We select plants according to availability - we ask that you trust our judgement in making you something beautiful that you will love! However, if you do have any specific requests, just send over a message and we'll see what we can do to help!


Included in Single:

  • 1 x kokedama
  • 1 x macrame hanger in jute string
  • Optional: 1 x bag of pebbles (white perlite or clay)


Included in Set of 3

  • 3 x kokedama
  • 3 x macrame hanger in jute string
  • Optional: 2 x bags of pebbles (white perlite or clay)


Included in Set of 5

  • 5 x kokedama
  • 5 x macrame hanger in jute string
  • Optional: 3 x bags of pebbles (white perlite or clay)
Pebbles (colour)
  • Before you place your order

    Dispatch days are typically once a week, every Saturday or Monday.


    If you order on Sunday, for example, or any time after items have been dispatched on a Saturday, your order will only be dispatched the following week. This is due to limited access to the Post Office during the week.


    Orders will be dispatched either by:

    • 1st class Royal Mail (delivery 1-2 days after dispatch) or
    • 2nd class Royal Mail (2-3 days after dispatch).
    • Heavier items will be dispatched by Collect + (standard service 2 days, economy service 3-5 days).


    If there are any problems with this, please email us to let us know. If you need your kit by a specific date, you must also let us know so that we can see what we can do. We may be able to help you.



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