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If you've got a little container that you haven't found a use for yet, this is the perfect kit for you. This has everything you need to plant your own miniature garden or terrarium, including gorgeous foliage/tropical terrarium plants (such as fittonias and ferns) perfect for closed terrariums and all the necessary substrates.


Your kit will come with:


  • 1 extra small starter kit
    • 1/2 cup pebbles
    • 0.125 cup charcoal
    • 1/4 cup sphagnum moss
    • 1 heaping cup soil


  • 1 small terrarium plant (picked at random, selection depends on availability)


  • A mixed selection of live carpet and cushion mosses 


  • Optional: a bag of reindeer moss (select colour combo from list)


  • Optional: a set of terrarium tools (tweezers, scissors, fork and shovel). Buy as a set and save 10%.


  • Instruction manual


These bags are biodegradable. They will be labelled and accompanied by a beautiful printed instruction manual, carefully wrapped in our premium recyclable tissue paper for a luxurious unboxing experience. The perfect gift.


Note: We now use biodegradable bags made from wood pulp to package up your kit in an effort to be more environmentally conscious and cut down on our use of plastic. If left for too long, our wonderfully effective materials will start to break down. We have found this process to be much quicker with the soil. Feel free to use this in your soil, as it is compostable, but beware if you're buying this much more in advance of when it will be used as there is a chance of the bag breaking once the breakdown process starts. You can empty the soil into a container to keep it separate, if you wish to give it as a gift a bit later, for example.


Alternatively, send us a message to swap out the biodegradable bags for our grip seal, plastic bags. If washed out, you might be able to re use the plastic bags to keep jewellery, makeup, tools, or other trinkets. We hope you understand we wish to keep this as a last resort and have a limited stock on hand at any time.


(Extra Small) Closed Terrarium Kit

Pebbles (colour)
Reindeer moss (colour combo)
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