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Bundle of Terrarium Plants


Foliage/tropical terrarium plants for closed terrariums are selected according to availability so you might get something different from what you see in the photos. The selection will be suitable for closed, jungle, foliage and tropical style terrariums such as ferns, fittonias and bromeliads that are perfect for humid, closed environments.


Choose between:


Small bundle (2 plants)

Medium bundle (3 plants)

Large bundle (5 plants)


Care instructions:

These plants usually thrive in humid environments, so make sure the soil is damp but not too wet, and simply keep the terrarium closed to keep the moisture in and to create a self-sustaining eco-system. Open it occasionally (for example, if you see the glass getting foggy) and mist the leaves to maintain moisture levels if looking a bit dry. Water little by little rather than too much, so you can see whether your terrarium needs more water gradually. You cannot un-water your plants, but you can add more if you need to!


For best results, plant in a closed terrarium or container, as these plants enjoy a high level of humidity. If you place it in an open terrarium, do not let the soil dry out, and mist the leaves every other day. 

  • Which size kit do I need?

    It's hard to answer this question exactly, because it depends on the container that you have, the way that it's shaped and its dimensions. The below is an approximate guide, though a lot of customers find that the amounts included in these kits are generous.


    The below applies to both the basic terrarium starter kits and the moss terrarium starter kits. The soil, pebbles, activated carbon and sphagnum moss (also sold separately) make up the foundational layers of the terrarium. The cushion and carpet mosses are planted on top of that. You can plant mosses with other plants, such as fittonias and ferns, or you can make a miniature moss landscape on its own, with natural features such as rocks, bark chips and sticks, or miniature figurines.


    For a rough guide, the small terrarium kit and small moss kit will have enough materials for a half-gallon, or 1.8 litre volume pickle jar. Alternatively, it could also work with a fishbowl vase of about 15cm in diameter. Or, you could make 2/3 smaller terrariums if you'd like to reuse or upcycle jam jars.

    The medium kit and moss kit contains twice as much as the small kit, so a fishbowl vase about 30cm in diameter, for example.

    The large basic terrarium kit and moss terrarium kit contain three times as much as the small kits, so you can probably use this for a large fishbowl terrarium or bio orb depending on its dimensions, or a number of smaller terrariums. 



    The components in the medium and large kits are packaged up in a way that will allow you to accurately use the kits if you do decide to use it for a number of smaller terrariums. For example, if you order the medium kit, it will come as though you ordered two small kits.

  • Before placing your order:

    Dispatch days are typically once a week, every Saturday or Monday.


    If you order on Sunday, for example, or any time after items have been dispatched on a Saturday, your order will only be dispatched the following week. This is due to limited access to the Post Office during the week.


    Orders will be dispatched either by:

    • 1st class Royal Mail (delivery 1-2 days after dispatch) or
    • 2nd class Royal Mail (2-3 days after dispatch).
    • Heavier items will be dispatched by Collect + (standard service 2 days, economy service 3-5 days).


    If there are any problems with this, please email us to let us know. If you need your kit by a specific date, you must also let us know so that we can see what we can do. We may be able to help you.



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