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Autumn Theme Moss Terrarium Kit




Bring a little of the seasonal outdoor beauty into your own home.


This autumn terrarium kit will make a couple of small terrariums, or one medium.



Please note: this kit does NOT contain glass container, you must provide your own glass vessel.


The kit contains:


Layer 1: 1 bag of clay pebbles


Layer 2: 1 bag of activated carbon


Layer 3: 1 bag of sphagnum moss


Layer 4: soil


+ 1 bag of reindeer moss - warm yellow, olive and natural

(Reindeer moss is not live moss. It is a dried and preserved moss that will not grow and is just decorative. If you are looking for live mosses, please see my shop for cushion moss and carpet moss.)


+ 1 x small cushion moss


+ 1 x small carpet moss


+ 2 x natural river rocks


+ 1 x bag bark chips






These bags will come labelled.

  • Before placing your order:


    Dispatch days are typically once a week, every Saturday or Monday.


    If you order on Sunday, for example, or any time after items have been dispatched on a Saturday, your order will only be dispatched the following week. This is due to limited access to the Post Office during the week.


    Orders will be dispatched either by:

    • 1st class Royal Mail (delivery 1-2 days after dispatch) or
    • 2nd class Royal Mail (2-3 days after dispatch).
    • Heavier items will be dispatched by Collect + (standard service 2 days, economy service 3-5 days).



    If there are any problems with this, please email us to let us know. If you need your kit by a specific date, you must also let us know so that we can see what we can do. We may be able to help you.



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